Drinking water from seawater

Very excited testing my charity filter units during my holiday on the Greek island Kalymnos. Our purpose was creating freshwater from seawater with the less possible parts.



We were able to desalinate seawater with it and it might be in the future ideal in case of disasters and humanitarian crisis:

  • it has been built at low cost (about € 13)
  • has a small size (about half a backpack)
  • weight not yet 1 kilo

Some figures of the AGMD test:

  • the seawater was 30 mS and the product (distillate) was 20 micro Siemens.
  • dT = 10 degrees Celsius
  • Tmax = 37 degrees Celsius
  • the seawater temperature was 26 degrees Celsius
  • 4 tests successfully done

We used 1/40 m2 membrane surface which supplied 200 ml freshwater in 2 hours.

More to follow soon. For more information, please contact us.