High flux with commercial MD units

In 2017 we were proud of a flux of 3 l / m2 h with our box (flat sheet) MD units. Thanks to our innovations and developments in combination with the help of our suppliers in selecting the right membranes, spacers, laminates, geometry etc., we currently have a flux of 13 l / m2 h. We achieve these results using waste heat with very low temperatures. The top temperature is 58 degrees with a delta T of 22 degrees. The seawater we used during this test had a conductivity of 90 milli Siemens. The distillate (for drinking water) was 30 – 6 micro Siemens.

We know from scientific studies with lab models that 20 l / m2 h is possible with flat sheet units. By optimizing our flat sheet units and installations of our partners, we’re getting closer and closer to achieving these results with our commercial units.


More to follow soon. For more information, please contact us.