Launch of our 30m2 AIRGAP MD unit

Last Saturday we had our own special launch of a commercial 30m2 airgap membrane distillation unit.

Commercial 30m2 airgap membrane distillation unit

We tested the unit in our pilot on seawater with a conductivity of 50mS. We were able to produce clean water with a conductivity of 4.7 micro Siemens.

Measuring conductivity

So proud to hand over this first unit of a total of 10 units to our customer for a desalination project in Spain. The project starts with a production of drinking water of 20m3 / day. 5 units are sufficient for 20m3 / day of drinking water production. The other 5 units will remain in the Netherlands and will be tested in the same way as the installation in Spain.

Our common goal is to scale up the installation as quickly as possible to a day’s production of 80m3 / day of drinking water.

More to follow soon. For more information, please contact us.