ZLD: retrieving valuable substances from waste water

ZLD: retrieving valuable substances from waste water
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a hot item nowadays. Many industries are focused on recovering valuable substances from their process water, leaving zero discharge at the end of their water treatment. ZLD is a water treatment process in which all solids are removed from wastewater, resulting in pure distilled water and a brine concentrate.

Good test results with membrane distillation technology
This week we conducted a test at RN Solutions with our pilot (membrane evaporation) installation. With this technology water evaporation can be realized with residual heat. Compared to conventional systems, like RO for instance, membrane distillation technology has many advantages:

-less energy
-no fouling problems of the membrane
-no scaling in the system
-no use of chemicals

In our test we focused on the saline brine concentrate. The results:
Incoming dry substance: 20 g / L = 2%
Outgoing dry substance: 212 g / L = 21%

Membrane distillation technology is an interesting alternative or supplement for conventional systems like RO. For more information please contact Radjes Nidhansing at RN Solutions.

More to follow soon. For more information, please contact us.