Super Fertilizer 2.0 (SF 2.0) endurance test

January 25th, we started an endurance test of concentrating fertilizer. The installation is already running 1 month without cleaning and continues to run 24 hours and 7 days a week. The fouling process is relatively slow as the dewatering process can be carried out for days with only relatively minor fouling.

Super Fertilizer 2.0 endurance test

By increasing the feed flow at different times during the run, we can prevent fouling as much as possible.

The RO concentrate (fertilizer) of the manure processor with a conductivity of 67mS is dewatered each time until an SF2.0 with a conductivity of 110mS is left.


This SF 2.0 is then discharged (multi box) and the test is restarted with fresh RO concentrate.

Now we are preparing for an extension to 1m3/h with a chiller and heat pump.


More to follow soon. For more information, please contact us.