Super Fertilizer 2.0

We recently did a test with dewatering of fertilizer for our customer. The results were so good that we decided to continue with another test. Our customer who has been producing concentrated fertilizer (conductivity 70mS) from animal manure (wet fraction) using reverse osmosis for 18 years, has asked us to further dewater this RO concentrate and to find the maximum achievable limits with our units.

Using the same Airgap membrane unit from test 1, we reduced 80 liters to 11 liters of fertilizer (conductivity 180mS) and 69 liters of clean clear distillate. The distillate can be used again in the process or be stored in tanks for dry times.

Unfortunately, we had too little fertilizer in the system at the end, otherwise we could have ended up even higher with the concentrate. But we’ll do that next time.

What I am proud of is that the customer and the controlling (lab) institute have given our product the name super fertilizer 2.0

The customer is very satisfied with the results. They have searched for many years for fertilizer dewatering products using membrane distillation technology. Our commercial and modular units are ideal for this application. The advantage is that we run the system with very low energy consumption, with very low top temperatures. The warm side has a top temperature of 40 C degrees with a delta T of 9 C – 13 C with the cold side.

Our customer is now looking for an agricultural location where we can place a 1- 3m3 /hour pilot in the short term.

More to follow soon. For more information, please contact us.